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Chicheley Hall Weddings Are Where History Meets Harmony...

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Chicheley Hall: A Historical Marvel

Nestled in the heart of Newport Pagnell, the prestigious Chicheley Hall stands as a Grade I listed masterpiece, weaving together centuries of history and timeless elegance. 

Originally built in the early 18th century, this architectural gem showcases the grandeur of the past and offers a captivating backdrop for couples seeking a wedding venue that exudes sophistication and charm.

Let House & Manor Entertainment help you and your wedding guests celebrate your special day at this picture perfect setting.

Chicheley Hall And House & Manor Entertainment

Your Wedding Entertainment Journey Begins Here

Your wedding journey is a unique narrative, and we understand the importance of crafting moments that resonate with your individual love story.

From the captivating ambiance of Chicheley Hall to the personalised touches brought to life by House and Manor Entertainment, every detail is meticulously curated to mark the beginning of a magical journey into matrimony.

Your wedding journey begins here, amidst the regal charm and contemporary elegance of Chicheley Hall, where every step is orchestrated to lead you towards a day of unparalleled beauty, joy, and celebration.

Why Choose House & Manor Entertainment At Chicheley Hall

Our Partnership With Chicheley Hall

As a preferred wedding supplier for Chicheley Hall, we take pride in curating exceptional experiences that harmonize with the venue’s charm.

With several years of expertise in wedding disco entertainment, we understand the importance of creating long lasting memories celebrations, from the intimate ceremony to the lively evening reception.

What Sets Us Apart?

Tailored All-Day Wedding and MC Services

We go beyond the conventional by offering comprehensive all-day wedding and MC services.

From the moment your guests arrive until the last dance, House & Manor Entertainment ensures a seamless and enchanting experience.

Your celebration, your soundtrack.

Chicheley Hall Weddings Are Where History Meets Harmony...